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Sega Megazone was an Australian publication that ran from 1989 (or 90, I'm not sure of the first issue's release) until October '95, spanning a total of 56 issues. Megazone originally started out as a bi-monthly, multi-platform publication, but went monthly in June 93 and Sega only later that year. The Megazone team also worked on a small (20 pages) quarterly publication for Registered Sega Australia members, called Segazone. After 8 issues Segazone Merged with Megazone.

The magazine offered a unique art and editorial direction, but also fell victim to it's fair share of controversy, including an incident in which they (jokingly) threatened to kill a koala if readers didn't subscribe. Similarly a faked Knuckles in Sonic 1 screenshot also attracted negative attention (the S&K cart cannot connect to the original Sonic game).
Another unique aspect of the magazine was the 2 page episodic comics that ran from early issues till the very last issue. Rex Vectar by Fil Barlow ran until October 1994, and Pump Action by Gary Chaloner from November '94- October '95.

The magazine was Australian gamers' only option for a locally produced Sega magazine, but faced competition from imported magazines (e.g Sega Force and MegaTech, both from the UK) and also the locally produced Hyperactive multi-platform magazine.
The official reason for the Megazones discontinuation is unknown, but explinations range from "a protest to French pacific nuclear testing" to clashes with an Saturn magazine from the same publisher, declining readership, and ailing Sega sales. Or any combination thereof.

Over the years the magazine had many contributors and writers come and go; many would go eventually on to other gaming publications after the magazines demise. Two of the magazine's contributors; David Wildgoose and Ben Mansill would later go on to work on PCPowerplay (an Australian PC gaming magazine) in both writing and eventually editing. Mansill was the magazine's first editor, and Wildgoose would later fill his shoes when he retired to work as editor for another new magazine. Agatha Budinski also worked at PCPP for a short time.
Its thought that more Megazone contributors went on to work on other gaming and PC magazines. I hope to have more specifics soon after some more digging..



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Notes: Game Scores in red text after name.
Some pages have scans (blue text) but most do not because of the bandwidth and space required.
Standard features of most issues but not included here are: game previews, cheats, and a 2 page comic from a continuing series (Rex Vectar and Penelope Pump).


Megazone issue #23 August-September 1992

Megazone 23 cover





Megazone issue #24 October-November 1992

Megazone 24 cover






Megazone issue #25 December-January 1992/1993

Megazone 25 cover





Megazone Issue #27 April-May 1993

Megazone 27





Megazone Issue #28 June 1993

Megazone 28 cover






Megazone Issue #29 July 1993

Megazone 29


Megazone Issue #33 November 1993

Megazone 33





Megazone issue #36 February 1994

Megazone 37





Megazone issue #38 April 1994

Megazone 38 cover





Megazone issue #39 May 1994

Megazone 39





Megazone issue #40 June 1994

Megazone 40 cover





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