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General Links

High resolution wallpapers featuring the most desirable cars in the world.

VG Experience Wallpapers
Nintendo & Sega - News, Wallpapers, Videos & Games.

DC Emulation
Among the best resources for Dreamcast emulation and homebrew; "An idea started, and still going with pride".

Digital Press
For classic gamers/collectors. Game on!

Frank Klepacki

Web site for the Artist behind the music of Command & Conquer, C&C Red Alert, Nox, RA2, and many others. Worth the visit just to listen to Hell March.

Big Download

PC gaming news, one of the best around.


THE gaming soundtrack internet radio station. Live requests and a choice of 24K or 128K streams. Did I mention the huge amount of tracks there?

Mega Games
General Gaming news, videos, pictures etc

PC Hardware news and reviews, as well as being a damn good homepage if you ask me.

Penny Arcade
A great site for gaming news for any platform, plus it's delivered in the most humorous way imaginable!!

The Klonoa Fansite
Gotta love the little guy. Definitely a cool site if your a fan of the games.

The Video Game Museum
Massive database of screenshots, endings and scans.

Video Game Critic
Hundreds of mini reviews for all systems, including our faves.

Racketboy is an independent video game site that caters to the old-school console gamer and their unique gaming lifestyles.

Chilling effects


Sega Links

Gamefaqs- Genesis Section
The Genesis section of gamefaqs. Message board and lots of games. Faqs too (duh!)

Genesis Collective
The Definitive Genesis game encyclopedia.

Great new site with reviews and articles for genesis, Sega CD and 32x.

Genesis reviews as well as some other Mega CD and CDX info- always changing site with lots of great stuff.
One of the Best sega sites on the internet- lots of content including reviews, videos, a games database and all sorts of strange stuff you probably wouldn't find out otherwise- like Sonic Toothpaste =)

Sega Collectors Guild
A site about all sega systems, and collecting for them.

Sega Forever
Lots of Sega manuals from Mega Drive to Dreamcast, and magazine articles/ads.

The all sega site. In case you missed the link on the home page..



Nintendo Links

A site where Super Nintendo fans can unite
It's official, this site is official.

Plenty of good stuff, and lots of things.

Zelda Legends
Everything Zelda and more.


Acts of Gord
Love the Gord, Fear the Gord.

Home of Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Homsar, Homestar, and a whole cast of crazy characters. The Strong Bad emails are my personal Fav.

The Onion
America's finest news source.

Weebl And Bob
Mmmmmm, Pie.


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