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Mega Drive Cart Australian Cart Variations

Before they became Game Nation and eventually Atari Australia, Sega Ozisoft handled everything Sega in Australia, including the manufacture of most Master System and Mega Drive carts.
Game Cartridges manufactured by Ozisoft bear the text 'Made In Australia' on the cart, and manuals are often printed differently. Where EU releases often come in booklets to accomidate the various languages, Ozisoft releases commonly came with a foldout manual.

Aside from the unique carts and manuals, Ozisoft also released some games with exclusive box art and cases:

Mega Drive Gold Collection

SEGA Gold Collection

It was never made clear what qualified a game for the "gold collection", but from what I've seen the games that were (re)released as gold were popular, early to early-mid releases. Gold collection games were also cheaper than new release games (similar to sony's Platinum/GH for psone).
Gold collection games included:

The Ottifants
Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention
Shinobi III
Sonic 2
Streets of Rage
Wrestle War
World Of Illusion

Mega Drive Platinum

SEGA Platinum Collection

The Platinum collection seems to be simply a later version of the gold collection, with later release games. As seen above, Platinum games had a blue print, fold out manual (to save on production costs?), though theres no difference in the cart sticker. Platinum games included: Aladdin
Mortal Kombat II , Sonic & Knuckles , Sonic 3 ,SFII: SCE.

Mega Drive Silver case

Silver carts and cases

Several games were released with a metallic silver box instead of the standard black one, but its unclear why. Aside from the color, the cart and case/artwork are identical to the standard black boxes.
Confirmed carts:
Art Alive
Asterix and the power of he gods
Champions: World Class Soccer
Daffy duck in Hollywood
Desert Demolition Starring Road Runner
Dune II
The Jungle Book
Mega Games 1
Shinobi III
Samurai Showdown
X-men 2

The silver carts are by far my favourite of the Aus exclusives.

Mega Drive double pack

Double Packs

Basically 2 carts in a VHS Cassette box with a new cover to match. My guess would be that they were released late in the Mega Drives lifetime to keep sales up in the face of newer consoles.I suspect that they were exlusive to Big-W (a retail chain similar to k-mart), but the only evidence to support this are the Big-W price stickers on a lot of the cases (I've yet to see a non Big-W price sticker). A manual is included for each game, most are in the ozisoft "blue and white" print/fold out style. Confirmed double packs include:

Another World + Arcades Revenge (spiderman/x-men)
Ariel the Mermaid + Ecco the Dolphin
Bubsy + Jewel Master
Davis Cup + Gunstar Heroes
Jungle Book + Columns
X-Men + Space Harrier 2
Quackshot + Battle toads
Ranger X + Aladdin
Combat Cars + World Cup Italia '90
Double Clutch + Joe Montana Football
Robocop vs Terminator + Winter Olympics

Ozisoft Mega Drive VHS case

VHS cases

Mmmkay I have no idea whats going on here, but for some reason Ozisoft released a few games with a vhs case variant. The case is a regular VHS cassette tape case with a new cover to match (notice the blue border around 3 edges of the image instead of 2). One can only assume it was because Sega Ozisoft either ran low on standard Mega Drive cases, or because it was cheaper.

VHS style games:
Light Crusader
Sonic & Knuckles Platinum

Ozisoft Sega Sport

Sega Sport re-releases

Similar to the gold/platinum re-releases, except for sport titles. Released later on in the Mega Drives life and probably at a budget price. Sega Sport games include:

Brian Lara Cricket
Foreman for real
Fever Pitch soccer
Pete Sampras Tennis 96
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA Allstars


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