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SNES Mediocre Games

Snes Arena

Babe's Kids
Genre: Action - Developer: Motown Games - Publisher: Mandingo

The controls and gameplay are absolutely appalling, this film-to-game conversion shouldn't be touched with a ten-foot stick. You've been warned. This is actually a rare game for the SNES, so even if for some reason you wanted to experience this horribleness, good luck finding the cart.

Attack of the Zombie Mice

Last Action Hero
Genre: Beat-Em-Up - Developer: BITS - Publisher: Sony Imagesoft

Side-scrolling Beat-Em-Up's are usually fun, but Last Action Hero manages to make sure that nothing is enjoyable right from the start. Annoying bugs in the collision detection, no movement on the field of view plane except for backwards and forwards makes this gameplay terrible. Enough said.

Arnie punches his way through a shocker

Genre: Fighting - Developer: DSI - Publisher: EA

A woeful effort at a fighting game, that I didn't enjoy one little bit. Don't waste any time or money on this unfortunate game, go buy Street Fighter instead. I know there are poeple out there who like this game, but hey, I don't ;)

Shaq should stick to basketball

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City
Genre: Platformer - Developer: EA - Publisher: EA

Jordan treks across the city of Chicago to save his teammates from the evil Dr. Cranius Maximus. There is no basketball at all! Not one little bit. Even the power-ups are Wheaties and Gatorade, which is quite funny if you think about it.
Air Jordan to the rescue... maybe

Revolution X
Genre: Shooter - Developer: Midway

Music is your weapon (Sounds good already) as you fight an army of soldiers sent by the government to stop you from rocking away with your band. Not the greatest basis to work a game from, yet they managed to compile something of sorts.

Quick, blast him with your A chord
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