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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Review

Review by The Gerat Escape

Ah yes, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. If you grew up in the early 90's theres a good chance youve seen the show at least once, and like all popular shows: Power Rangers have a game to go with the popularity of the show. Actually they have several games, but for the sake of my sanity I will only be reviewing the Game Gear version of the show today.

The game starts of with an intro of Rita (the crazed evil chick) being released from her space capsule prison and vowing to conquer the Earth. Thats where the Power Rangers come to the rescue, etc, etc
For each mission you get to choose which Power Ranger you will use out of: Blue, Pink, Red, Black (who really is black) and Yellow. Later in the game you after you defeat and free him from Rita's spell you can be the Green Ranger. Each Power Ranger has their own unique weapon and special moves, which arent very hard to do (button 1+2= a special move for example).

The game itself plays out like streets of rage, except there's only ever 1 enemy on the screen. Beat one of the putty patrol, move on, beat another, move on, and so on till you get to the end boss. Beat him and Rita will go all crazed chick like and make the boss super huge. If you've seen the show then you know what happens now; thats right its GIANT ROBOT FIGHTING TIME!
Until you defeat the Green Ranger you can only use MegaZord, but after he's on your side you can be either: MegaZord, DragonZord or "MegaDragonZord thing". Giant robot fighting is like normal Power Rangers fighting except a little clumsier.

Theres about 9 levels, each set in different areas of the City and against different bosses from the show. The first time you play it you will immediatley notice how quick you can move from one side of the screen to the other, and it all moves along at a quick pace and without dropping a single frame. The Backgrounds look nice, and character sprites are colourful. On the whole its not as attractive as the GG Streets of Rage, but still quite good.
Music and sonics are good: all the little Power Rangers tunes are recognisable if youve ever seen the show, though even if you havent seen the show they are reasonably "humm worthy".

Power Rangers makes a nice addition to any Game Gear collection, and is definatley worth a look if your into the beat 'em up genre. In fact I would rather play Power Rangers than the GG Streets of Rage simply because its more fun to play, and wont frustrate the hell out of you like SoR does.
Easy, fun and nostalgic gaming that will bring out the silly costume, fly kicking super hero in you.


Graphics Sonics
Pretty good. Nothing really out of place and it all looks like the show (kinda).
Gotta love that Green Ranger flute tune. Everything else is ok, considering the hardware.

Playability Overall
Easy to learn, easy to control and fairly easy to finish too. May take a few minutes to adjust to the fast jumping. Unlimited continues can make things a bit too easy though.
Dont let the name fool you, it really is a decent game. Just dont let your friends see you playing it..


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