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Mega Drive Arcade Classics

These are the games that are about as close to arcade perfect as you can get on the mega drive. Definatley recommended if you enjoy the genre or if you have your mega drive in an arcade cabinet (or even use arcade sticks).

Altered Beast

The first megadrive game i ever played, and still one of my favourites, even if it does look a little crusty and isnt exactly the hardest game youll ever play (still harder than some games though), the 2 player co-op story modemore than makes up for this, which is why its in this list. Especially memorable are the "wise for you gwaave" voice over. If you own a mega drive then you probably already own this. If not, what are you waiting for ?

Streets of Rage

Another fantastic 'beat-em up' game, also with a quality 2 player mode. This game sees you take on crime in a city loaded with it. You get to choose between 3 different cops; the guy, the girl and the black guy. All are pretty much the same, but the girl can kick further (i suspect she does less damage though). Taking on crime has never been easier thanks to the addition of some handy weapons, including poles, knifes and bottles. Also pretty easy to find, and you should be able to get it pretty cheap.

Ghouls and Ghosts

One of the best arcade conversions on megadrive, and stil just as good as it was 10 years ago (maybe even better). Only real complaints are a sort of ordinary 2 player (one at a time), and the fact that your commited to a landing spot after you jump. Still heaps better than the nes and master system versions, but still has that stupid blue flaming baseball weapon...

Thunderforce Series (2,3,4)

Mind bogglingly difficult in areas, the thunderforce trilogy are pretty much the best side-scrolling-shoot-everything kind of game for the megadrive. The first game isnt on mega drive (i beleive its on an 8-bit console, but dont quote me on that), so youll have to start with the second game, in which you have both top down and sidescrolling levels. The top down levels were scrapped for 3 and 4, but the hella hardness is still there. Not frustrating, but diffictult. and thats allways a sign of a good shooter. Too bad they are all 1 player only.

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