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The Best of Mega Drive Sport


-In the race to the bargain bin the sports game is unrivaled. When ever you see mega drive/genesis games for sale, its expected that there will be a decent amount of sports games.
Its inevitable that games like Madden 93 and NBA Live 95 will end up in your collection, however with the aid of this guide, i will be able to (hopefully) sort out the FIFA 95's from the World Cup Italia '90's. You should be able to find almost all of these games with little to no effort, simply because of the fact that they are sports games, and most people keep away from them like a plague.

The regional titles may be harder depending on your location (i.e soccer games are less common in America and Madden is less common in the UK and Australia than in the US, etc). Also, these are just my personal favs and your mileage may vary ;)

Mario Lemeux hockey

Mario Lemeux HockeyVery similar to "Ice Hockey" on the NES, except with more depth and Fights! It doesnt have the NHL license, but its an enjoyable game that doesnt take itself too seriously, yet doesnt go to the extremes of Mutant league Hockey. Uses a Side-on perspective, that gives the game a different feel to the NHL series. Wont blow you away with its graphics, but they are more than adequate, and it has some nice touches like the crowd and the little sin bin (for the looser of the fights). Sound is fairly nice, and has some nice tunes played on the requisite Pipe Organ. Watch out for the star trek melody, its my favourite. =)
Like all good games, this one is probably better with some friends, and the fights give it a new (albeit shallow) level.

Olympic Gold (Barcelona '92)

Choose from 7 events and go at it against the AI or up to four friends. Actually you'll really only want to go at it with friends because as a single player game its dullsville. Lack of simultaneous play initially hurts it, but it doesnt matter as much after playing the 100m sprint and archery (best 2 events in the game). The other negative point is that the Diving event is complicated and boring.

NBA Showdown '94

NBA Showdown 94I'm actually rather bias towards this game, as it was the first basketball game i had ever played. I hadnt given basketball games much thought, but i played this for ages when I was young. Its the best of the side-on EA Sports basketball games simply because it was the last. NBA Live '95 (and its sequals) used and pseudo 3d perspective. Improves on Bulls vs Blazers in every way

Tiny Toons: ACME All stars

Tiny Toons: ACME AllstarsClassic sports: Tiny Toons style. May not have the long term playability of a serious sports sim, but that hardly matters when your having so much fun. Choose from Soccer, Basketball, bowling and some mini-games and go at it with up to 4 friends (or play by yourself against the AI).


NBA Jam Mega DriveThe arcade classic. Comes in both standard and Tournament Edition (T.E) variations, of which T.E is my choice. The game itself is basically a 2 on 2 basketball, except with wild dunks, turbo and in the case of T.E, Powerups and Hotspots. It even has battery back up so you wont have to beat all the teams in one gigantic sitting. Definatley one of the best multiplayer games on Mega Drive (but watch out for the infamous A.I in 1 player mode).

NHLPA Hockey 93/NHL94

NHLPA 93Some say that 94 is a step down from 93, whereas others say 94 was the height of the series. 93 was the last to have fights and blood so its worth getting just for that. Heck get them both and decide for yourself. Either way, you wont be disappointed.

Played a great sports game that you think should be on the list ? email me: smi04@yahoo.com
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