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NES Classics


Adventures of Lolo
Genre: Puzzle - Developer: HAL Laboratory - Publisher: Nintendo

An awesome puzzle game that really makes you think and it gets really hard before it gets boring - so it's safe to say it's one of the better puzzle games out there. The story is pretty standard, the Great Devil (the bad guy) kidnaps the princess and as the big hero - you have to venture into the evil lair and rescue her.

Super Mario Bros
Genre: Platform - Developer: Nintendo- Publisher: Nintendo

The game that started a dynasty, a huge platformer with more secrets then you can remember. You could play this game for days trying to find all the secrets, and the sad thing is you'd probly still miss plenty! Plus once you find the warps you'll un-caringly miss some, but they do make for some good replay value.

Zelda, The Legend Of
Genre: Adventure - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

Another game which started a huge series, the original Zelda is a very big and open game, much like the style of a lot of modern games. There's no real set way to go, u can go anywhere on the map as long as you can work out how to get there. As for the dungeons there is nothing to stop u from going for it, but good luck getting through certain areas without the proper items!
(Heres a handy map from IGN.)

Genre: Racing - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

Simple yet totally emersive and most of all, fun. Racing against computer foes is fun, but the clock is your main enemy as the player progresses through the 5 main areas to race in. You can even create your own tracks! Super fun.

Mega Man
Genre: Action - Developer: Capcom - Publisher: Capcom

The first ever game for Mega Man to show his stuff. A challenging game from the start, Mega Man was a cult hit, and has spawned many sequels over many platforms. Masterful gameplay blends great side scrolling shooter fun, with funky music and well developed enemies. An absolute must for any NES owner.
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