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NES Hardware Specs

Nes Sector
PAL Version
Nintendo Entertainment System
NMOS 6502
CPU Speed -
1.78 MHz
Resolution -
256x240 (effectively 256x224 in NTSC mode)
Colour Palette-
Displayable Colours -
Max Sprites -
Max Sprites / Line -
Sprite Size -
2 H.V.
Picture Scroll -
Number of Sound Channels: 8
2 Kilobytes
Video RAM -
2 Kilobytes

Originally released in Japan under the moniker of Famicom, the little NES isn't a terribly powerful machine, but is sure did the trick.

PAL Version
Nintendo Entertainment System 2
The NES 2 featured the use of a top-loader instead of the horizontal loading device in the original NES. The controller was given a make-over with a more ergonomic feel which resembled the new SNES control pad, it's often referred to as the 'Dog Bone controller'.

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