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NES Mediocrity


The Simpsons: Bart Vs The Space Mutants
Genre: Platformer - Developer: Imagineer - Publisher: Acclaim

As much as I love The Simpson's this game is quite bad, the only objective is to spray paint purple things red... don't be fooled - it's not as exciting as it sounds. The fact that I'm terrible at this game might make me a little biased, but it is still a pretty bad game. But I guess that happens a lot with licensed games, oh well.

D'oh why aren't there any good Simpsons games

Action 52

Genre: Compilation - Developer: Active Ent - Publisher: Acyive Ent

A classic example of how putting lots of games in the one cart does not work. Extremely poor programming and a severe lack of thought for each and every mini-game means only a few are worth looking at. The most fun you'll gain from this game is trying to find the worst mini-game of the lot.

Watchout for the Minesweeper rip-off

Deadly Towers

Genre: RPG - Developer: Lenar - Publisher: Broderbund Software Inc

The difficulty of the game is steep, with many dangerous enemies to overcome while fighting with the bad controls and very repetitive level design.

Such a thrilling start screen
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