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Shaz Greatest Games List

Total Annihilation - RTS 1997
The greatest RTS game of all time had me hooked for far too long, but in a good way. Enthralling game play and tactics with hundreds of units, maps and missions. With the support of a huge Internet community pumping out extra goodness, provided great depth for years to come. And of course I was fighting with ARM all the way!
Knights of the Old Republic - RPG 2003
An RPG in the world of Star Wars… how can you loose. Plenty of light saber slashing and force grip action, will always keep me interested. But the wonderful storyline and interaction sealed this gem of a game for me. This game needs to be played at least twice to get the most out of its terrific dialog acting, and through the many character-building quests. Follow the light or dark sides of the force to achieve a great gaming experience, which isn't’t just for the Star Wars fans.
Super Mario 64 - Platformer 1997
Mario has been a household name since Nintendo revived the consol gaming market and launched his career. Some considered this game to be perfect at the time of release, yet a few others didn't’t agree. Even so, Mario’s power was at it’s greatest as the launch title for the N64, captivating millions around the world. To describe this game in one word ‘Genius’.
Metroid Prime - Shooter Adventure 2002
The best game on Gamecube by a mile, and a real work of art. The visuals are stunningly beautiful, with wide expansive environments to explore and nicely detailed enemies to blast along the way. Hundreds of items are scattered throughout to discover and collect, as you expand your ever-growing inventory of upgrades to our heroes suit. This game is a masterpiece from start to finish that I highly recommend for anybody who owns a Gamecube. (and if you don’t, buy one!)
Daytona USA - Arcade Racer 1994
The classic of all classic racing arcade games. What can be better than racing against four friends while bashing each other up against the walls, pounding the gear box through the corners and trying to master the art of sliding around a corner as fast as possible. Add the automatic catch-up, and every race is tight and usually decided at the last corner in a sweat-raising encounter. The Great Escape and I still have a good competitive urge whenever Daytona USA is within sight. Good stuff all round.
Battlefield 2 - FPS 2005
Online multiplayer warfare at it's best. The third game in the Battlefield franchise saw the game move into modern combat, with the most notable inclusions of squads, commanders & effective in-game communication. Join a squad and together strategically capture and hold key flag points to gain the upper hand against the enemy, or go lone wolf and tear it up in any vehicle, plane or boat of your choosing. Great depth and even better gameplay, despite plenty of bugs being slowly riddled out, this game stands out as one of the best mulitplayer experiences.
Mega Man X - Shooter Action 1993
I’ve always be a fan of Mega Man, but this version blew me away. It was Mega Man’s big move from the 8-bit world to the new world of 16-bit goodness. A scorching music track lead the way with fast action packed game play equipped with some true Big bad boss style ass kicking. Mega Man at it’s finest.
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - RPG 1998
Zelda's first step into the realm of 3D turned into a wonderfully crafted well thought out masterpiece. A great blend of nasty bad guys, mind twisting dungeons and big boss battles, all combine to give the player an amazing gaming experience. New features such as z targeting and an intuitive control system that varies the buttons function as to what’s stated all work seamlessly well together. A Definite must have game for any zelda fan.
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