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SNES Classic Games

Snes Arena

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Genre: Adventure - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

The wonderful world of zelda is in it's prime, as you make your way through this epic story. This game is an absolute classic that should have any player entranced for weeks on end.

Link considers his options

Street Fighter II
Genre: Fighter - Developer: Capcom - Publisher: Capcom

SFII revolutionized the fighting game genre, with great combos & action that was tonnes of fun to play. The difficulty gets fairly hard as you progress through with each character, fighting in countries all over the world.

Ryu shows Chun Li his fireball

Mega Man X
Genre: Platformer - Developer: Capcom - Publisher: Capcom

Based on the original Mega Man series on the NES, the X series of games lets you control 'X' and take on a whole army of maverick robots that have run riot and taken over the city. Anyone who likes to blast a few robots to a rocking sound track should get this game immediately.
X plays with his toys

Super Metroid
Genre: Action Adventure - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

Discover the enthralling adventure of metroid for yourself, take control of Samus and go hunt anything that moves. Brilliant level design alows the player to access new areas with upgrades acquired through the progression of the game. This is a must play game... well any of the metroid games in the series is worth your gaming time.

I wonder if this force-field is electric

Donkey Kong Country
Genre: Platformer - Developer: Rareware - Publisher: Nintendo

Beautifully rendered sprites with some great platform action will have you entertained monkey style. Develop some serious Kremlin ass kicking skills as you go on a huge ape of an adventure collecting those sweet yellow bananas. </tacky writing>
Donkey Kong shows K Rool some exercise tips

Super Mario World
Genre: Platformer - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

One of the best Mario games ever to be made. A wonderful mix of environments, secrets, bad guys and well balanced gameplay. Everything fits very well together providing the player with a total gaming experience.
Mario works on his hypnosis techniques

Rock 'N Roll Racing
Genre: Racing - Developer: Silicon & Synapse - Publisher: Interplay

Rock 'N Roll Racing is a classic racing game that's lets the player have some great fun blasting opponents around the circuit. The rock/metal soundtrack gives the game a welcomed edge over other racing games alike. Comments by Larry are used well, but lack of variety get annoying whilst progressing through the game. All up very enjoyable and even better playing with a mate.
Burn around to classic rock tnues

Super Mario Kart
Genre: Racing - Developer: Nintendo - Publisher: Nintendo

Super Mario Kart provides lots of exciting races and great multiplayer fun with plenty of weapons to hunt down your mates with. The tracks are of a good variety, and several game modes give good longevity. Highly recommended if you own a SNES.
Princess struggles to see aournd Donkeys behind

Super International Cricket
Genre: Sports - Developer: Codemasters - Publisher: Codemasters

This is the best cricket game made, Ever! In considering the time it was made, no other cricket game gets close to this materpiece, with it's superb gameplay that anyone can get a grips of. Even people who don't know anything about the game of cricket.
Australia faces off against New Zealand
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