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One star, one word: stale seafood surprse

Missing crucial incredients, like a crust

Deep pan Super Supreme but with a liver toppng

Thin crust vegetarian with pineapple

Corden Bleu home delivery, And the toppings didn't stick to the lid

Absolutely True! 2 of
the finest games ever.

Ghost House: I remember this game. I also remember how hard it was. I wonder if its still hard or if it was an age thing....

Boo! It should get at least a 4, if only because it stars Timothy Dalton (second best bond ever).

Must... Resist..... Temptation...
To make.. "unlikely to please" joke......


Board Games
Beat Em 'Ups

Phaser Gun Games
Flight Simulators/Aerial Combat
Miscellaneous Arcade
Miscellaneous Coin-op conversions
Addams Family

A worthy conversion, this above average genre title possesses many hours of challenging puzzles and addictive gameplay.
Alex Kidd & The Lost Stars

Definatley one for the kiddies. Very bland, monotonous, action indeed.
Alex Kidd in Hi-Tech World

Another one for the youngsters. Way too easy for anyone with an IQ greater than 50.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World

The built-in game for most MSIIs, this was his first excursion and not a bad effort either. Plenty here to keep most gamers enthralled for a few hours at least.
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

The sort of innovative, lateral thinking crossover that we rarely see from sega. Kinda quirky but a lot of fun.
Alien 3
Flying Edge

A decent conversion from the MD, lacks sonics and graphics, but thats to be expected. All in all, not bad for fans of the movie who want something a little different.

Some stunning graphics for the 8-bit and addictive gameplay, this will appeal to fans of the little Gaul and others alike.
Asterix The Secret Mission

A classic and addictive game that boasts crisp graphics, and awesome play. The depth inherent in this game will guarantee that gamers will keep coming back time and again.
Back to The Future II
Image Works

Movie licence that is, without a doubt, absolute junk.
Back to The Future III
Flying Edge

More junk.
Batman Returns

Looks good, sounds great, plays like a duck on a cricket pitch.
Bubble Bobble

An absolutely brilliant conversion and one of the most faithful. Lots of bonuses and lasting challenges in two player mode make this game and absolute classic.
Castle of Illusion

An absolute classic in video gaming. Don't just sit there, if you havent got it, go out and get it now!
Chuck Rock

Very boring game that relies more on sheer luck than playing skill.
Cool Spot

The spot himself is back in this triumph to multi-media advertising licences. Sprites are smaller than on the MD version and the action is less frenetic, but still worth a look.
Cyber Shinobi

Shinobi 2
to all its intents and purposes. Way easy and lacks decent sprite collision detection.

Control a promotion-hungry, paramilitary type as he searches through level after level of things to shoot at. Poor graphics and presentation overall coupled with a decided lack of challenge will ensure that you don't keep coming back for more.
Fire &Ice

A fun little romp through numerous levels of mayhem. Addictive and challenging play will keep you coming back just to see what is in the next level. Hampered by frustrating collision detection, it's a lot of fun just the same.

Cute, colourful sprites and polished presentation make for a movie licence that looks good, unfortunately it playes like crud. Way to easy and should only be attempted by the younger members of the family.
Ghost House

Level after level of running, climbing, shooting and punching at numerous ghosts and ghouls and vampire. Fairly mindless in all, good for a laugh.
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

A stunning conversion, this features all of the original's charm and playability. Perhaps not as polished, it plays like a dream and if you don't have it then you oughta consider buying it now.
Home Alone

Kevin must run around a series of levels searching for artifacts that he canuse to cobble together traps to thwart the burglars in this licence from the movie. Fun enough in itself, but lacks any longevity.
Impossible Mission

The archtypal platformer, and the game that everyone since has attempted to equal, but none have succeeded. Simply superb in its execution and the speech by Calirornia Speech Labs is an absolute monster. Rumoured to have been written by an Australian.
Indiana Jones 3: Last Crusade
US Gold

A visually stunning movie licence that is thwarted in large part by the impossibly high difficulty setting and fickle control method.
James Bond

Pretty much identical with its 16-bit cousin, baddies abound and the thrills are continuous. Once you have completed it you will be unlikely to keep coming back though.
James Pond II
US Gold

Almost identical with the MD version, this game boasts colourful graphics and enthralling gameplay in a cart that is the MS equivalent of Super Mario World.
Jungle Book

Some cute animations and intriguing gameplay make this one worth checking out, It is not fast paced nor does it have hordes of aliens, it is a more laid back experience and a lot of fun.
Krusty's Fun House

A hot simpsons licence that see's Krusty as the hero of the piece in what amounts to a Lemmings-esque style of game. Lead rats into traps before they take over Krusty's studio.
Land of Illusion

An absolutely brilliant scrolly platformer that boasts cutesy characters aplently, stunning backdrops and wicked gameplay. An all-time classic masterpiece in the genre.
Lucky Dime Caper

Donald's outing is a staggering one and well worthy of the reputation that mickey's carts have engendered the Disney series. Lovely sprite animation and a wealth of things to see and do.

The graphics are passable and the sound functional, but this quirky little platformer, while better than the film it is licenced from, is still unlikely to please due to its total lack of challenge.
New Zealand Story

Colourful graphics, foot-stomping tunes and absorbing gameplay make this a game that must surely be in every platformer addicts collection.
Ninja Gaiden

Small sprites and fiddly controls are the only blemishes in this martial platformer. Too similar to so many of the other platformers out there to be considered truly inspired, Ninja fans will be pleased however.
Penguin Land

Guide your penguin through level after level of dangers and pitfalls, keeping your egg safe all the time. Addictive and compulsive gameplay.
Prince of Persia

One of the best travekked games in electronic gaming software history. Huge play area, fiendish puzzles and beautifully rotoscoped sprites all come together in this beautiful game.
Rainbow Islands

The sequal to that immensely popular game Bubble Bobble. Perhaps not as charming as the original and a tad too easy for most, this is a good rollicking laugh all the same.


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